The Facts

The Future of Nonprofits: Coworking

It's no secret that nonprofits are a driving force behind their community's wellbeing, but there's no reason they should have to do it alone. Here's a few reasons why coworking is the future of nonprofits. 

Lower Overhead 

You're already working your butt off to change lives and guess what? You have to worry more about overhead costs instead of what you're putting into your projects. Say no more, coworking allows nonprofits to share essential amenities which, in turn, lowers overhead. Shared copier, office space, kitchen, conference room, I mean the list goes on! Think of everything you could do for your organization if you didn't have to care about getting ink for your printer or finding a space to rent to hold your monthly meetings. 


You step into work and guess what? You're automatically surrounded by a room of other nonprofits eager to change the world just as much as you are. Sit down, talk with them, figure out if your missions overlap and what you can do together to make an even bigger difference. Two brains are better than one! 


24/7 access means you can still work your day job and hustle for your organization at night. Got an idea at 2am? Come on in, you're always welcome. Month-to-month rent allows you to control how you grow and when. You're never stuck, but you do have an entire nonprofit community at your fingertips that will make you never want to leave. 


It's a good idea to look like you really know your stuff, and you probably can't do that at home. Having an office space (did we mention at below market rate?) will make your clients and volunteers look at you in awe. Offer them a cup of coffee while you walk into the conference room for your meeting and they'll make sure to take you seriously. 

Happy Coworking!!