The Facts

VRR Graduates from Fuse Factory

Veterans Recovery Resources purchased two buildings located on a three-acre parcel in the medical corridor on Springhill Avenue in mid-town Mobile, Alabama. These buildings will serve as the permanent campus for the non-profit’s unique recovery program for military Veterans and their families suffering from substance abuse, post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues.

·        The initial focus is on remodeling 1156 Springhill Avenue to provide intensive outpatient counseling services as soon as possible. 1200 Springhill Avenue will house the non-profit’s residential care program. As the campus is built, the properties will align under one address. 

·        The vision of Veterans Recovery Resources is to create a vibrant community of healthy Veterans and their families who support each other over a lifetime, strengthening the local community and contributing to the city’s economic development.  By purchasing these blighted buildings in need of complete repair, the organization is doing its part to contribute to the revitalization of the city. In addition, the acquisition will create new professional jobs and training opportunities for students across many health disciplines including psychology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine, social work and more.

·        Naming opportunities are available for donors wishing to make a lasting impact on the city. Organizations interested in supporting Veterans Recovery Resources in this effort including providing in-kind support or services should contact the non-profit at

·        Veterans Recovery Resources is a community-based mental wellness program being developed specifically for Veterans, by Veterans. Founded and led by John Kilpatrick, a 32-year Army reservist with expertise in hospital administration, John and his team understand the needs of our Veteran population. The organization is committed to accelerating Veteran well-being by removing the barriers to mental health care and providing the highest-quality, compassionate and affordable care to those who have served our country so faithfully. To learn more, visit or call 1-866-648-7334.

After nearly a year of membership at Fuse Factory, here are some things the VRR team had to say about their time with us!  

The Fuse Factory made a tremendous impact on our growth and community outreach. When you're a start-up--and a start-up non-profit on top of that--an indicator of stability and financial health is having a physical location and a place to do business. The Fuse Factory provided that for Veterans Recovery Resources, all at a cost that worked within our business model.

The Fuse Factory also provided us with a beautiful, fun space to host business partners, potential donors and events--without having to commit capital costs to achieve the same level of professionalism and upscale look and feel. It is also a great environment in which to network with other non-profit organizations.

The Fuse Factory gave us a fantastic, stress-free environment where we could stay focused on building our non-profit, as opposed to worrying about all the logistics that come with owning your own space.  It felt good to work and collaborate there, and when you feel good, that positive energy translates into a positive impact on the business.

The work environment is peaceful, aesthetically-pleaing, hip, positive, laid-back, friendly and relaxed all at the same time. The operations team is very easy to work with and very supportive and accommodating. You are always met with a smile and a positive word. You feel like you're somewhere special! 

We made frequent use of the Board Room, which worked well for meetings and our Advisory Board meetings. The Wi-Fi and technical capabilities worked for us; the printer was of higher quality than we could have afforded ourselves, and reasonably priced. Plenty of places to plug-in and having the coffee and lunch area is a really nice touch.